Studio Notes

Since 1981, I have occasionally used a studio notebook to help order my thoughts. I’m slowly transcribing these notes, from most recent to oldest, as well as adding new ones.

This is a means of clarifying discoveries, noting influences and building an ongoing reference text which I can return to, update and use as a workshop / studio manual.

9 Sept 2020

Marker, blood : A sign of a disease or condition that can be isolated from a blood sample.

Archeology: The study of human history through the excavation of of sites and the analysis of artefacts and other physical remains. Archeological horizons are caused by humans, most typically there is a change in the type of pottery found and in the style of less frequent major artefacts. Across an archeological horizon the same type of of artefact or style is found very widely over a large area, and it can be assumed that these traces are approximately contemporary.

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29 April 2020

Lockdown – coronavirus, isolating since March 15th.

‘Zip Island 2’ – central form projecting / slipping (underwater) into the ground towards the bottom of the Painting, landscape forms from Romantic paintings, layers, illusory solids, geometric forms, organic forms, projection, recession, packaging, screens. Places where ‘landscape’ can be found de-scaled, graphitised, simplified. (Isle of the Dead – Arnold Bocklin) .

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18. 04 . 2019 – Thomas Nozkowski – author John Yau

Interview 2010 – “I never thought of myself as a geometric painter, but I have always thought of myself as an improviser . The geometry in my work has increased over the years and I’m not completely sure why this is so. It isn’t by conscious intent I can assure you, Improvisation however is essential to my work. I want my ideas to be located at the tip of my brush. I want my materials to talk back to me. I want to be surprised.”

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