29 April 2020

Lockdown – coronavirus, isolating since March 15th.

‘Zip Island 2’ – central form projecting / slipping (underwater) into the ground towards the bottom of the Painting, landscape forms from Romantic paintings, layers, illusory solids, geometric forms, organic forms, projection, recession, packaging, screens. Places where ‘landscape’ can be found de-scaled, graphitised, simplified. (Isle of the Dead – Arnold Bocklin) .

Disruptions, Repairs, Pointers, Brushstrokes + Diagrams of Brushstrokes, slowly, slowly building relationships between illusory elements, spaces, edges, light on solid forms and surface – line, patch, colour, tonal contrast, colour undulations thru glazing.

Disruptive shapes, too many ? Sources on various trajectories into the image.

Can’t go out much, can paint !